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How Long Does it Take to Learn Guitar?

Easiest & Best Way to Learn Guitar is Here - Only 5 to 10 Minutes!

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One of the most common questions I receive from my guitar students is “How long does it take to learn guitar?”  I tell them usually 1 or 2 lessons you will be able to learn how to play your first song on the guitar.  Some of my students are able to learn the guitar in only 1 lesson!  Through only watching one of video guitar lessons which is just over 5 minutes in length, you will be able to learn the easiest way. 

                                           How is that possible to learn guitar that fast?  The answer is because one of                                         my videos that is around 5 minutes in length will cover the length of a full length 45                                   minute guitar lesson.  Back to the original question, “How long does it take to learn guitar?” It is really possible to learn the guitar in only one lesson!  Our lessons are the the best way to learn guitar!

Our video guitar lesson courses are perfect for someone that is totally new to guitar.  Even if you have never held a guitar before these lessons are perfect for you!  In this guitar lessons you will learn the same material taught in your first 8 to 12 weeks of  guitar lessons with a private tutor. Using all information cover in these lessons, you’ll be ready to start playing your first songs along with playing to your favorite artist’s bands. This course is mainly taught using an acoustic guitar but will work with any type of guitar. Some agree that using an electric guitar is the easiest way to learn guitar; however, any guitar will work.   In the videos you will learn how to  hold the guitar and pick, playing tabs, beginner chords, strumming patterns, and more! 

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What is the best way to learn guitar?  One the easiest way to learn guitar is watching  lessons in video format.  This makes it extremely easy to follow and you can always go back and repeat the lesson. When going back to the original question asked in the beginning of this page: How long does it take to learn guitar? It may only take watching one video lesson or may take repeating that lesson the whole week until you feel comfortable with all the elements covered in the lesson. That is the beautiful thing about these guitar lessons.  Since they are in video format you can keep repeating and repeating the lesson until you can play the guitar perfectly! The girl in the left is using an ipad to watch the videos while she is practicing the guitar lesson.

No Need to Buy a Physical Guitar Tuner

Through the guitar lessons, you will learn the best way to tune a guitar for free!  Also will cover the best tuner to buy for close to the cost of nothing if you want the best way  to learn guitar and tune the it with the least amount of effort. We do not teach how to tune a guitar by ear.  I had so many guitar students break strings because of this.  Yes it is possible to tune your guitar by ear but very difficult for a beginner.  

best way to tune a guitar
how long does it take to learn guitar strumming pattern

Covers Different Strumming Patterns

How long does it take to learn guitar strum patterns?   Should only take a couple of minutes! Actually this is one of the easiest ways to learn guitar.  Holding a pick is like holding a pencil and take learn the easiest strum pattern which is just a down stroke the whole time is extremely easy. Even teaching young kids, it is very easy for them to pick up.  These beginner guitar lesson will cover different strum patterns that will definitely make your a better guitar player in a matter of minutes!

You might be asking yourself?  Why are there color guitar strings and nails? The colors serve as a visual guide to what strings and fingers are being used.  If the strings are not color coded it can be difficult to distinguish which string are being played.  The same idea with the color finger nails. One of the most important steps to learning guitar is getting down the chords.  One of the easiest guitar chords is the A2 guitar chord shown in the image to the right.  This chord only uses two fingers. There is a special lesson decided to learning the 5 most important chords taught for the guitar.  By learning these “5 Basic Chords” they will be able to play many of their favorite songs by bands they love today.  

easy basic beginner guitar chords a2

Learning how to play easy guitar songs is the funnest part of any guitar lesson. Through the video courses we start with the easiest guitar songs to help encourage you through the hardest part of learning which is always the beginning. In the video example, you will be learning how to play both the chords and tabs for Happy Birthday My Special Friend. This is a great song to learn for someone's birthday!

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